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The work that we do embeds organisational integrity – from the conduct of its individual employees, to its systems and practices. We work with government departments and agencies, boards, and private enterprise.
What we do
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Independent Cultural Reviews

A workplace cultural review typically involves collecting feedback and data from employees through surveys, interviews, focus groups, or other methods. This feedback can provide valuable information about employee satisfaction, engagement, communication effectiveness, leadership styles, diversity and inclusion, and other relevant aspects of the workplace.

Based on the findings of a cultural review, organisations can take action to enhance their culture, address any issues or gaps, and create a more positive, inclusive, and productive workplace. This may involve implementing new policies, providing training or development opportunities, improving communication channels, or fostering a stronger sense of purpose and shared values among employees. A workplace cultural review aims to promote a healthy, supportive, and thriving work environment that encourages employee well-being, collaboration, innovation, and success. It recognises the importance of organisational culture in shaping employee experiences, satisfaction, and overall organisational performance.

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Workplace Training

We know that investing in training is crucial for safety, organisational success, productivity, and employee satisfaction. We deliver workplace training on a variety of topics including sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, whistleblowing, complaint management, facilitating conflict resolution between employees (internal ‘mediation’), workplace investigations, diversity and inclusion. Our training programs are tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of the organisation to ensure relevance and practicality. We always deliver our training sessions in an engaging and interactive format. Training participants not only gain knowledge and skills but also learn how to apply their training in workplace scenarios, fostering practical application and sustainable behavioural change.

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Independent REVIEW of investigations and disciplinary matters

An independent review involves an examination of the integrity or disciplinary matter including the investigation, evidence gathering and decision-making. The review may include (depending on the circumstances):

  • assessing whether the process was fair, consistent, and in accordance with relevant laws and policies.
    examining the evidence to assess its relevance, reliability, and whether it was properly considered in reaching the disciplinary decision.
  • evaluating whether all parties involved in the integrity or disciplinary matter were treated fairly and given an opportunity to present their case, provide evidence, and respond to allegations.
  • assessing whether there was any bias, influence, or procedural irregularities that may have impacted the fairness of the process.
  • examining the disciplinary outcomes and assessing whether they are proportionate, consistent with organisational policies and guidelines, and in line with the severity of the matter.
  • providing recommendations to address any identified shortcomings in the integrity or disciplinary process or outcomes.

An independent review of an investigation or disciplinary matter serves as a mechanism to ensure the integrity of the investigation or disciplinary process and provide confidence to all parties involved that the matter has been handled fairly and in accordance with established policies and procedures.

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Accredited Mediators, facilitated meetings and workshops

We conduct mediations, facilitated meetings and workshops between employees, or other participants, to identify and explore reasons for conflict, have open and constructive conversations, and find options for resolving the conflict. The process can be tailored to suit your organisation and the participants. We have nationally accredited mediators who conduct mediations in workplace and board settings, facilitating constructive dialogue, helping parties find mutually acceptable solutions and restoring relationships.

integrity centre policy development

Policy and Framework development and implementation

We are experienced in reviewing, improving and designing complaint management frameworks and policies to incorporate best practice approaches ensure compliance with legal obligations. We work collaboratively with organisations to ensure that the policies reflect the organisation’s values and are effectively communicated and implemented.

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Complex or Large-Scale Workplace Investigations

We have significant experience in conducting sensitive, complex and large-scale workplace investigations, particularly investigations with organisational wide impact.

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