We are Integrity Centre

Integrity is the cornerstone of who we are and what we do.​

We are a specialist consultancy that focuses on providing organisations with insight and expertise to strengthen workplace integrity, culture and organisational practices.

What we do

The work that we do embeds organisational integrity –
from the conduct of its individual employees, to its systems and practices.

Independent cultural reviews

We independently analyse various aspects of the workplace to gain insights into the existing organisational culture for the purpose of identify strengths and weaknesses, and assessing how well the workplace culture aligns with the organisation's goals, values, and desired outcomes.

Workplace Training

Our workplace training contributes to ensuring safety within organisations.

Independent review of investigations and disciplinary matters

We conduct independent reviews to provide an objective assessment of investigation or disciplinary matters particularly in situations where there are concerns about potential biases, conflicts of interest, or procedural irregularities. Our external and independent reviews serve to ensure transparency, accountability, and the integrity of the process.

Accredited Mediators, facilitated meetings and workshops

We bring independence and skill to help resolve conflict between your people.

Policy and Framework development and implementation

Organisations must ensure that complaint handling frameworks and policies are fair, confidential, transparent, accessible and efficient. Effective complaint management is fundamental to an organisation ensuring that it has a culture of integrity.

Complex or Large-Scale Workplace Investigations

We are significant experience in conducting sensitive, complex and large-scale workplace investigations particularly investigations with organisational wide impact.


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Integrity Centre, Kerry Gibb, Angela Petie & Efthimia Voulcaris

Who we are


With more than 70 years of combined experience delivering legal and organisational development solutions to our clients, we understand multifaceted problems and complex work environments.

We have a deep understanding of the realities organisations face and are proud of our strong track record developing impactful but workable solutions that add value and purpose.

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